Day Four


#LibertyPresentsaJuiceCleanse getting geared up for day 4 in 10 minutes!
The #juicecleanse has been surprising easier than you might think. Im learning a lot. I am planning to do a #rawvegan once done. Although I am #vegan. I do not focus on health eating. I simply focus on compassionate food. All vegan food isn’t healthy or low calorie. Like everything its all in how you prepare it. You can sit and eat onion rings, French fries and Oreo and call it a day and its all vegan. But being #plantbased or raw its pretty healthy. Either way its better than the America diet so you still win!
The goal is 14 days! I have never done this before so please send your love!!!

If you are feeling like you want to move things along alternate days with a water fast. It is the speedy version of the juice fast! They say 1 day on the water fast equals 3 days on juice! Water fasting is NO JOKE! It will make you pray for a juice fast! I am thinking I may kick it up a bit and do a 24 hour water fast on Monday. Mainly because I know it will keep me in line on the juice fast. I am so tempted to steam some broccoli! But no! Ill have a life time of all the broccoli I can eat. This is now about will power and endurance. Failure isnt an option. This is something I can control

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