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Many professionals over look simple things. Being perfect has nothing to do with experience its has everything to do with absolutely nothing. Perfect is a myth. However being better is achievable.

Many millennials and transitionals in the startup world often assume their peers and or competition have the upper hand. I don’t know why we tend to think EVERYONE else is superior but its simply untrue. We all have areas that we can improve on. I wanted to share an example.

My friend Nora Oravecz a Hungarian blogger in Silicon Valley for the summer is trying to improve her English skills so she decided to seek out a public speaking class. She suggested I join her so I can polish my skills and meet other speakers. I was super excited! I asked her to forward the link so I can begin my research. After more than 15 minutes on the site my excitement began to wane. I could not find anyone actually giving a talk.

A common mistake that I do not want others to make.

This is a speaking class with packages ranging from $50 to $550 and not one bit of footage of anyone actually speaking or giving a talk was listed on the website? The class is reliable, reputable, and a great investment. However that was not conveyed with this slight over sight.
I am a bit stunned.

How do you expect to sell your service or brand without showing what your service or brand is?

The founder was not speaking. The staff was not speaking. I honestly would have accepted a 30 second snippet of a student speaking!
I would have felt more incline to enroll and engage.
But no such luck. It was a bunch of words. Which would have been great for a wordpress class. But not ideal for a class selling the ability to become a better public speaker.

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When launching your startup place a sample/reel/demo/or preview of your product or service ON your site. You can do this by creating a video, animation, or offer a beta test experience. Remember
“Showing is often better than telling”.

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Place a sample/reel/demo/or preview of your product or service ON your site Showing is often better than telling via @libertymadison

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