#ThatTechGirl and The YAHOO Yodel

Life in #SiliconValley Meet up with Wylie Gustafson of @yahoo fame @yodelking59425 . You may not recognize the face but you know the voice! He gave me my very own personal yodel!! Very exciting! Wylie is from my 2nd favorite state #montana and is in #sf to open for the band #fun . I know I never do #yahoo post but im a huge fan of the #yodel YAHOOOOOOOOOOO.  I hope the brand can catch up and be as memorable ...

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Meet Hot Tech StartUps at SF New Tech

[caption id="attachment_241" align="aligncenter" width="261"] Nerd Stalker[/caption] Life With Technology and NerdStalker.com brings you the hottest info in Tech, Start Up, and Mobile Tech. Liberty Madison as ThatTechGirl will be co hosting tonight with @SocialGeg WATCH LIVE! ht.ly/jg6Eb  INFO BELOW Here's the pitch bill for the upcoming SF New Tech on 3/20. You will see pitches from Evernote, Litterati, To ...

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Technology of my Skin Care is Sun Protection

  [caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Face and skin secrets[/caption] This post is not about a start up, coding, funding or disruption .....its actually about makeup! I recently posted a picture of me attempting to do my own eye make up and was flooded with comments about my skin, so I thought I would post my response for everyone to see. Makeup is fun, key, and a must for mos ...

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Women 2.0 Women in Tech Event: San Francisco

Ask yourself one question? Do you want to disrupt the tech industry? If you are female you already have! This male dominated field is poised for disruption! Join other Disrupters in San Francisco on Thurs Oct 18,2012 Zendesk presents: Can the tech industry disrupt the status quo of women at work? October is “Innovation Month” in the city of San Francisco, and the Mayors Office of Civic Innovation has launch ...

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