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Liberty Madison was created to offer a true solution to your needs. Your needs exceed a list sheet, so we evolved to be platform agnostic. We align with your vision and execute.


ON Air TV Host
Corporate Emcee
Speaker “#StartupLife for the Millennial and Transitional” includes Motivation, Technology, Startups, Leadership, Entrepreneurship)
Startup Mentor
Startup Advisor
Word of Mouth Marketing
Human Experience Stealth Marketing Campaign
Event Marketing

Liberty Madison is a Transmedia tech startup that reaches Millennials across various platforms through original digital content and live events focused on the #startuplife.

“This was truly one of the most entertaining and the most fun interview I have ever done. I do a ton of interviews but this was truly simply enjoyable! You are the Oprah of Silicon Valley, no the Liberty of Silicon Valley”
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I love how you connect with developers as well as the average person who knows absolutely nothing about technology or the start-up life. That’s a rare skill to have. You truly

“I have never thought of my brand experience in this way before but having you walk me through the application and demo and answer all of my questions about the new PayPal roll out just blew my min, I didn’t feel like I was being marketed to or sold to , I felt like I was in an amazing bran experience commercial! It was no “sales pitchy or dry” I didn’t feel a message was being forced down my throat. You really know how to connect with people I’m really amazed.
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“I would certainly bring Liberty in to emcee again”
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“When we sat down to discuss my new startup, I didn’t realize all of the opportunity I left on the table. We worked on a development strategy that I am using right now, this is my first start up and I am learning so much”
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“I am not really big on social media, I honestly thought it was just strangers talking about what they ate for dinner, I honestly just didn’t realize the power of technology and social media. It can go beyond that
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She hosted a workshop on Twitter and the benefits of how it directly effects my business

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