Win a Date with Me on the Nerdist Day of The Century

Win a Date with Liberty Maidson #ThatTechGirl
Tweet me your nerdiest pickup line, comment, or joke!

Pi Day comes around every year on 3.14 but this is THE Pi Day of the Century! You will only live to see this once!! This is it!!
How will you Pi?

You can win a date with me!

Well a phone date!! I will call you personally and wish you a Happy Pi Day on 3.14 March 14,Sat!
Tweet me your nerdiest comment, pickup line, math equation, or picture. You may win a call from me!!

Enjoy an invite to our private #beta at

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#ThatTechGirl is @LibertyMadison The #Oprah of #SiliconValley #StartupLife for the #Millennial + Transitional a Tech Founder, Innovator, Technology TV Host & Producer , Speaker, Startup Advisor, and Futurist. She does not use the popcorn button on a microwave she sets her own path in life!

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