Who and Why is Liberty Madison

A natural who was born to connect with millions.

TV Host, Tech Founder, Advisor,Futurist, TV & Film Producer

Technology Host, Speaker, Lecturer. Start Up advisor. Founder of Life with Technology Show, first tech show for non techies that focuses on mobile technology, start ups, and science. Founder of Codes & Cupakes, coding hackathon event for women and girls to encourage coding and programming for a cause, conversation and cupcakes. Film & TV Producer

Liberty knew at a young age that she wanted to impact the world through marketing, media, television production.

Background is event marketing , emcee, product specialist, corporate speaker,  ambassador and host  for brands such as Mercedes, Nintendo, Sony, Cadillac, AT&T, Porsche, Coke, and her favorite to date Samsung.

She has produced award winning film such as This Time along side award winning director Matthew Cherry.

In 2010 Launched Curls for the Cure along side Grammy award winning artist Chrisette Michele

Has produced and hosted various lifestyle and entertainment segments for networks including CW, ABC, NBC.


She has redirected all of her energy and passion to focus solely on technology. Innovation is what will lead our nation and our world into the next phase of advancement and evolution.

Liberty is looking to grow and enhance her skills in the tech sector and campaign on the platform of what she calls “The S Flow”, Sharable, Sustainable, Scaleable , and Successful.

Talk Topics:

  • Trust as the currency of the century
  • Social Media is Not Technology
  • Tech 101 : Why Technology is a paradigm shift not a phase
  • Why Mobile Technology enhances your health and mood
  • How does 4G LTE affect you
  • Why women should embrace coding
  • Embrace Science and Technology
  • Hollywood VS. Silicon Valley
  • Start up VS. Stock
  • Job Search: Hit the social pavement

Ms. Madison focuses on science, start ups, mobile technology, in an energetic, fun, and approachable style.

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Technology TV Host and Speaker

#ThatTechGirl is @LibertyMadison The #Oprah of #SiliconValley #StartupLife for the #Millennial + Transitional a Tech Founder, Innovator, Technology TV Host & Producer , Speaker, Startup Advisor, and Futurist. She does not use the popcorn button on a microwave she sets her own path in life!

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