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What would you do for $5? Apparently 2 million people will do a lot! @michakaufman & @shani_wininger of @fiverr hit a home run! An online market place to buy or sell gigs! Simple enough right. You would be right! Headquartered in #israel, Fiverr is serving the globe amazing talent at $5 a pop! In honor of welcoming Fiverr to #siliconvalley for our interview next week at @sfnewtech I joined the fun and set up a gig! I also ordered a few!  Excellent platform for sellers to build reputation & audience!  They can bill a gig between $5 and $500 .You will be amazed at what you can accomplish for $5! From custom #businessplan #graphicdesign #websitedesign #coding #pr even a custom rap song just for you! I learned about @fiverr in 2010 and im embarrassed to say …I did not believe. Call me an #American if you will but I thought the only thing anyone would do for 5 dollars was not sign up on a website like. Yes I was wrong for dismissing them so quickly. I was in a meeting and the fiverr name came up again so I wanted to give them another look and im glad life offers 2nd chances! Not only is #fiverr  #ThatTechGirl Approved They are also my #startup of month! If you use them let me know! If you want to use them but unsure which seller to use let me know! I am reviewing Fiverr sellers and highlighting them. Feel free to ask me! #sf #tech #womenintech #crowdsource #nerd #programmer

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