Twitter DM TEAM+ #ThatTechGirl at Twitter HQ

Everyone knows I am a Twitter Stand! No for real. Many people pledge to their nations flag, I actually just salute the bird!
Twitter DM Team and LIberty Madison
My love for Twitter started back in 2007. Yes I was a super early adopter! I still remember that one friend who gave me my first Twitter fix! I was hooked! I signed up in 2008 and my life changed FOREVER.

Everytime I give a tech talk be it at an event, college or at the BART. I represent Twitter…. HARD!
To give you an idea of my undying love for the brand, I actually held a pop up party for the Twitter IPO! Yes I am that girl.

My love runs deep!
Twitter welcomes #ThatTechGirl
So you can imagine my excitement to hang out with the Twitter DM team.
Yes the actual team who developed the DM feature on Twitter and launched GROUP DM worldwide with a flip of a switch!They actually were freaking awesome!

Oh now grab a seat it gets tech, very techie, in a moment.

The analytics and strategy of the DM:

The team had to collectively decide if person “A” could create a group chat with person “C” if if person “B” wants to join but blocked “C”! This is not an easy roll out this is weeks and weeks of white whiteboarding, strategy, and execution. Beyond execution they had to educate almost a Billion people on how to use the feature all while receiving instant feedback. I don’t know about you but I certainly dont want millions of instant tweets, beeps, and chirps flooding me at my job about my job!

Here is a short list of challenges they faced:

Who change name a Group chat?
Who can update the name?
How do we keep people safe?
How can we actively listen for blocks?
Who gets to delete the Tweet?
Is it deleted from everyones thread?
At what point of engagement can you view past thread messages?
It is not as simple as it appears folks!

Wow my mind was blown, this team needs a Crunchie! Maybe I will give them one!!

The highlight! I was able to test my new card with the team and they actually got it! Of course they got it! Many people don’t get it but I love it!

Do you get it?

So being invited the mothership and being called home was a very emotional and enlightening experience! Thank you
to the wonderful ladies who sponsored the Twitter Engineering team called @Womeng!

Meet a few folks from the team and feel free to follow them and let them know I sent you!

#ThatTechGirl Approved

Special chirps to the DM Dev members for being kind to the paparazzi!

Follow these folks!
Nhu Vuong @nhu
Sharon Ly @onesnowclimber
Madhu Palani @madhup
Mridu Atray @MriduAtray
Chinmay Barve @cbarve
Pulkit Gupta @pulkit

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