Top 10 Reasons NOT to Commit Suicide


With so much going on about bullying, internet attacks, and suicide at ALL AGES I felt I had to give you a few reason why you should NOT kill yourself (or others)


Reasons NOT to kill yourself


1. It’s just not cool


2. Your suicide note hasn’t been perfected. A note is something people left in EVERY century prior to this one. In the technology enlightenment era, you can no longer leave a “note” because it will live on forever! And in the age of digital footprint, you want to be sure your “note” if more of a manifesto. It could take months even years to clearly outline your thoughts and feelings. It will go viral so be sure its good.


3. Your dog would miss you (if you do not have a dog, get one so he/she could miss you) No one will care for your dog the way you will!


4. Have you cleaned your room?! I say this everyday or every time I feel like I had a close call  I say, “I can’t die today my room is not clean”. Do you REALLY want the paramedic team to have to go through your filthy room? Ummmm no! If you put this on your “bucketlist” you will be around for a while!


5.Whomever is the source of your pain or depression will win. You don’t want that


6.Where would you do this? I’m sure you have not thought about the Where? Who will find you? etc….. I’m sure you don’t want your family/friends to find you. And aren’t those the people who would find you,so no! I don’t really recall enemies,ex fiances, ex boyfriends,ex wives, and haters coming to check on you to see if you are alright, it WILL be a friend or family member who will have to discover your body, not cool.


7. Your mother will pass out! – Yes she will pass out! Oh hey she will pass the f*** out! Like fall out! She loved you for 9 months, she loved you before you didn’t get into Yale, after you didn’t get in to grad school, and before you got divorced, after you got evicted, while you were in rehab…all that jazz. It’s true. It was you and her just chillin and hanging out together month after month after month.


8. Life is the the most important thing in LIFE! Nothing else truly matters in life,everything else is just minor details


9. Ask yourself this question…If I won $50 Million Dollars next week would I still want to commit suicide? If your answer is NO, then you are not a great candidate for suicide, your problems can be solved with money. That is literally putting a price on your life. You cannot put a price on a life!


10. Do you value Life? Science? Religion? Spirituality? I got you covered … The Short version You would be turning your back on all 4 if you commit suicide




Notice I do not mention friends and family as a reason not to kill yourself because lets face it they probably got you in this situation.


Okay Okay my #11 is Family and Friends!


11. If you want to commit suicide , think of the other people it will effect. DO NOT be fooled by crazy people telling you its “your choice” . Yes,sure, it is your choice to ruin your family, sure ! ;) why not?  They just don’t finish the sentence. Truth is when you kill a family member it affects EVERYTHING! Even though you say “NO one cares about me, no one will notice if I’m dead, my parents will be better off, my sister hates me, I wish I were dead”  Its just a myth. You ARE in effect altering the course of your natural life and it will affect others. So even if you want to kill yourself, don’t because other lives will drastically change. If you can’t stay alive for you, then stay alive for your family.


SO to sum it up do not kill yourself or others, because I care and I love you!



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  • nory fensom

    Suicide is not the answer. Being alone with thoughts of suicide is one thing that is known to increase the risk of harm or death. Find someone who is comfortable talking about suicide-someone who will work with you to prevent the risk of these thoughts e.g. close friend, priest, school counselor, helpline or simply take a courage to go to your nearest hospital and speak to someone who will empathize with your deep emotional struggle. There is always hope and by taking the step to seek help, you will find your own inner strength to live and survive and create a more meaningful life.


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