#ThatTechGirl Host Live Show with Prezi, Fiverr, Twibfy, BitBalloon at SF New Tech


Come out and be a part of live taping for #ThatTechGirl in San Francisco

#ThatTehGirl,Liberty Madison will be co hosting SF New Tech post show with Greg Viloria for NerdStalker  LIVE


Location: MIGHTY @ 119 UTAH, SF, CA

Wednesday Aug 21, 2013






Steve Wishman, Senior Presentation Designer


At Prezi, we’re all about helping people share ideas and understand each other better. Prezi is a cloud-based, zooming presentation software that lets you arrange your ideas on to a single virtual canvas and see how they relate, helping you connect with your audience and tell your story more effectively. Zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to see the details—and never settle for a boring slide deck again.


http://www.prezi.com | @prezi




Jennifer Neeley, Digital Strategist


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for gigs and services starting at $5.


http://www.fiverr.com // @fiverr





Michael Ruescher, CMO


Your website, a whole lot faster. BitBalloon is a new way to deploy websites. Simply drag and drop your site onto the app. In one fell swoop, it’s optimized for performance and uploaded to the fastest cloud servers available. And, your forms just work.


https://www.bitballoon.com | @bitballoon





Dina Moskowitz, CEO


SaaSMAX is to the SaaS landscape what the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (Realtor.com) is to the Real Estate landscape, bringing together sellers, brokers and buyers and providing transaction and marketing tools. http://www.saasmax.com | @WiseSaaS




Tom & Tina Sjogren, Founders


The (patent pending) SituGlobal software/hardware solution allows an incident command team to rapidly assess location and status of individuals during a disaster utilizing a cloud based situation platform and open a direct two way communication to its members.








David Robustelli, CEO, Founder, Creative


Twibfy is an inspirational platform where you can discover, share, submit and organize the content you love.


http://www.twibfy.com | @twibfy


#ThatTehGirl,Liberty Madison will be co hosting SF New Tech post show with Greg Viloria for NerdStalker  LIVE

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USTREAM – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sf-new-tech-live

 *UPDATE – FIVERR will be at 9-10 event. Fiverr had to cancel due to a family emergency

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