Top Tech Companies for #WomeninTech

Many women are often unsure where to start when it comes to tech. They are unsure what to expect. Some never venture down a STEM path because they feel they will not be accepted. That is now a thing of the past! Take a look at these trailblazing tech companies who swing open their doors to welcome their female friends! According to Anita Borg’s data, women account for about 23 percent of the workforce in te ...

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I’m just a girl who said yes.

I'm just a girl who said yes. Are you a girl who said yes? Or did you say "I don't know how, im not smart enough, im too overwhelmed, im too old, im too big, im too poor, I don't have a #PHD, Im not cool enough, im not married, im #divorced, im too shy, I just can't,  I don't see how I can do it,  I can't do this + work, I can't go to school + have a family, I can't take care of my family + work, I can't co ...

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Women 2.0 Women in Tech Event: San Francisco

Ask yourself one question? Do you want to disrupt the tech industry? If you are female you already have! This male dominated field is poised for disruption! Join other Disrupters in San Francisco on Thurs Oct 18,2012 Zendesk presents: Can the tech industry disrupt the status quo of women at work? October is “Innovation Month” in the city of San Francisco, and the Mayors Office of Civic Innovation has launch ...

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