How to Take a Shower

A shower is one of the most relaxing forms of cleansing and rejuvenation on the planet. It clears energy, clears your mind, and allows you to be totally present. It is your alone time, your think tank,or as I like to call it, my non think tank. You are alone with yourself. It is you, water, and the present moment. Embrace it. Many inventors and famous entrepreneurs have come up with multimillion dollar idea ...

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Bitcoin your Brand

Life in #SiliconValley is a constant conversation about whether #bitcoin Is a viable currency or not! Ok That's not true! It's a constant conversation about how bitcoin is a viable currency and how can we get the average person on board! My friend is a bitcoin trader and wears this shirt 5 days a week. This shirt always brings him so much business.... EVERYWHERE we go! #Startup TIP- Build your brand and don ...

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Before you launch your website

Many professionals over look simple things. Being perfect has nothing to do with experience its has everything to do with absolutely nothing. Perfect is a myth. However being better is achievable. Many millennials and transitionals in the startup world often assume their peers and or competition have the upper hand. I don't know why we tend to think EVERYONE else is superior but its simply untrue. We all ha ...

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My Top Ten Domain extensions for startups after .com is taken

Want a domain that's taken? Don't let that dash your startup dreams! Try my favorites! MY TOP 10 1. (.co) 2. (.io) 3. (.me) 4. (.org) 5. (.ly) 6. (.edu) 7. (.tv) 8. (.net) 9. (.biz) 10. (.gov) There you go! Don't let a .com stop your show! Message me on Instagram and Twitter for branding help! http:/// Liberty Madison #ThatTechGirl ...

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