Liberty on Millennial Edition with Leo Laporte! Episode #LoveThySelfie 541

#ThatTechGirl : A co-host on the first ever This Week in Tech: Millennial Edition! In case you missed it! I made my TWIT.TV debut! I had the honor and privilege to talk tech with the original The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte! Sitting along side Silicon Valleys finest, Alex Wilhelm of Tech Crunch and Lauren Hockenson from Nextweb. We talked professional drone selfies, hashtags, 50 cent (fiddy cent as Leo likes to c ...

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Win a Date with Me on the Nerdist Day of The Century

Tweet me your nerdiest pickup line, comment, or joke! Pi Day comes around every year on 3.14 but this is THE Pi Day of the Century! You will only live to see this once!! This is it!! How will you Pi? You can win a date with me! Well a phone date!! I will call you personally and wish you a Happy Pi Day on 3.14 March 14,Sat! Tweet me your nerdiest comment, pickup line, math equation, or picture. You may win a ...

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#ThatTechGirl Bedtime Routine w Prof. Brian Cox

libertymadison #NightLife - Bedtime routine grab @profbriancox #AlbertEinstein and talk about why e=mc2.  I suggest you pick up a copy and give it a glance before you #meditate or #fallasleep ...its a win win! Either you learn, grow, or it will knock you right out because you will be bored to tears! LOL love #briancox #physicist #astrophysicist #nerd #geek #weareone #tech #universal ...

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Technology of my Skin Care is Sun Protection

  [caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Face and skin secrets[/caption] This post is not about a start up, coding, funding or disruption .....its actually about makeup! I recently posted a picture of me attempting to do my own eye make up and was flooded with comments about my skin, so I thought I would post my response for everyone to see. Makeup is fun, key, and a must for mos ...

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