Social Media Photographer

You are losing money! Social media does the marketing for you! Having a professional cameraperson to capture your events are great but you are losing an opportunity to capital on an untapped marketing. Those attending your event! You are missing key social traction. If you are not organically engaging attendees and helping facilitate an experience that will live online, you are missing an opportunity! The H ...

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Seeking App for Beta Marketing/Press Pilot Test

Are you a startup looking to get the word out about your app? Want to take part in the busiest download week of the year? NEW DEVICE WEEK We have a pilot program that will generate organic social growth across various channels. Gain Traction, get user feedback, test your product on a large scale, Are you raising a round soon? Investors will first ask you one question and ONE question only. DO YOU HAVE TRACT ...

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Inspiring on Instagram?

Hi There! I am writing a book that shows the importance of not just social media but the direct affects of Instagram. I am on a hunt to find inspiring Instagram stories about interesting, inspiring people who are based on Instagram. When I say "Instagram based" I am referring to those who found their voice, niche, fame, fortune, and/or audience on the Instagram platform. If you have turned a hobby into a bu ...

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Technology of my Skin Care is Sun Protection

  [caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Face and skin secrets[/caption] This post is not about a start up, coding, funding or disruption .....its actually about makeup! I recently posted a picture of me attempting to do my own eye make up and was flooded with comments about my skin, so I thought I would post my response for everyone to see. Makeup is fun, key, and a must for mos ...

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Did you have a “Moment of Einstein Genius” on Twitter or Facebook?

I, like so many other people, write New York Time Best sellers in my Twitter feed however I simply do it 140 characters at a time! There may be a quote that came to me out of thin air or a quote that I retweeted that really hit home that I desperately wish to relive, and now I can. I came across a really cool tool called . It does not recreate the planet, but it certainly makes revi ...

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