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Many professionals over look simple things. Being perfect has nothing to do with experience its has everything to do with absolutely nothing. Perfect is a myth. However being better is achievable. Many millennials and transitionals in the startup world often assume their peers and or competition have the upper hand. I don't know why we tend to think EVERYONE else is superior but its simply untrue. We all ha ...

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High Tech Golf and Drinks for Lunch?

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="225"] At Eagle Driving range in Silicon Valley[/caption] Did you know that SoMa has an indoor driving range? Our very own high tech driving range. Yea neither did I! I decided to stop by and check it out! Have to say Eagle Club Indoor Golf is pretty freaking sweet! I walked in unsure of what to expect and was greeted with the friendliest smile and warm ...

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Should you seek to increase your wage?

#Tech #Tuesday tip for the #millennial #startup #entrepreneur Wage, rates, and salary are often the goal of a worker. A person who may not achieve financial wealth. The Only thing that brings true wealth is Profit, not wages. Wages are cool for those who do not want the responsibility of leadership. Which is 110% ok. However you must realize that you will be executing someone else's dream, doing 99% of the ...

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Blackberry and #ThatTechGirl San Francisco Tour

#ThatTechGirl caught up w @blackberry for the #keepitmovingtour in #sf #blackberry10. I only had a few moment with the device because I kept talking w staff but one thing I love is feeling like a #tech #ninja! Instead of #swipe you #flick your words! Very cool ...not going to say its going to save the company but it could pick up a few new clients! Once I spend more time with the #z10 ill update you and rev ...

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