Is Twitter heading to the White House?

  San Francisco based tech giant,Twitter, has registered to lobby on Capitol Hill and will form a political action committee, dubbed Twitter#PAC. The #PAC will basically lobby to bring the government up to speed with the rest of the world. Their topics include Internet freedom, patent reform, government access to user data and net neutrality. Others who are already out front are Facebook, Google and Mi ...

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Silicon Valley Debate – Importio

Whats a #SiliconValley #debate? #BigData. Heated,emotional & straight controversial! @importio answers key #data questions in #sf Aug 6th #tech #startup #london #bayarea #soma #developer #ThatTechGirl approved #tech event for #founders #programmer #backend ...

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June 28: Why I am a Californian. Ode to a Grandmother who saved my life

June 28, 1919 Today is my grandmothers birthday, well my great grandmother. My grandmother died before I came around these parts. The details of her death haunt me to this day. Today, June 28, I have always remembered because my great grandmother loved to go to Sizzler on her Birthday! She is the reason I am a Californian. She moved from Louisiana to Arkansas (where her parents were slaves/sharecroppers), a ...

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