The BART – How startups in Silicon Valley get around

I have been enjoying my summer exploring the #BAYAREA Just #bartandyourethere ! #TheBart is essential to your #StartupLife in #SiliconValley The Bay Area 5 point transit system is one of the best in the country Yes it's great to use a #lyft #uber #sidecar #getaround but sometimes its easier hop on Bart and just get there without waiting in traffic! BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit ATTENTION : Spot #Th ...

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#ThatTechGirl at Future of Money & Technology for New oK glass show

Liberty Madison, #ThatTechGirl, at the Future of Money event for new ok glass series! Watch the hottest startups, founders, developers talk tech and everything else via #googleglass! Check out folks from Pebble, Square, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Venturebeat, Technorati, ColoredCoin, HotSmartWatch & many more! ...

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My Glass and I crashed Thanksgiving

A #GoogleGlass Thanksgiving- Would you believe I have not known anyone in this picture 24 hours! I was invited to complete strangers home so I could do live demonstrations of Google Glass! And of course I went! This is a true #googleglass moment! Thanks to #glass I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner from a couple I met on the street at #traderjoes . "Please come to our Thanksgiving, you don't need to bring ...

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