Day Four

#LibertyPresentsaJuiceCleanse getting geared up for day 4 in 10 minutes! The #juicecleanse has been surprising easier than you might think. Im learning a lot. I am planning to do a #rawvegan once done. Although I am #vegan. I do not focus on health eating. I simply focus on compassionate food. All vegan food isn't healthy or low calorie. Like everything its all in how you prepare it. You can sit and eat oni ...

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Juice Cleanse

Welcome to   Liberty Presents A Juice Cleanse The Goal This is not a weight loss juice fast. This is a cleanse. We are clearing our energy, body, and soul to usher in new life. This journey is to bring clarity, peace, abundance, love, direction, energy, health, humility, and gratefulness to you. This is NOT a lose weight quick experience although you will lose weight. A goal of weight loss alone will n ...

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Nutribullet compact Hi Tech Blender

My very first #nutribullet #nutriblast! Its so yummy! It includes #spinach #banana #strawberry #chiaseeds #almondmilk so what I learned... next time ill use ice cold water mixed w the almond milk or instead of the almond milk and I will add more spinach or half it with #kale . Also if you want more smooth pack more into it. I didn't pack enough so I ended up with a little over half a glass. The 600 Watt on ...

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