A #LibertyLesson – State your mission and attract those who support it

A #LibertyLesson When you build a brand you have to commit to your mission statement, vision, and purpose. Every company, non profit, organization, person is driven by a mission. A common falsehood is "its business it not personal" or "we are a corporation we do not take a side" Know who you are and attract people who support it. You will loose people but you will gain a tribe. For example, I will not ventu ...

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Liberty Madison #ThatTechGirl on Living your best life

Hi! I'm @LibertyMadison #ThatTechGirl. My passion for #Entrepreneurship extends far beyond my excitement for #technology. I encourage you to be an #entrepreneur first and foremost, you need not be a #techie. But #technology and #entrepreneurship go hand and hand. You can create a solution to a major problem using innovative #technology. And THAT #technical solution breeds #entrepreneurship. I want to invite ...

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How to Take a Shower

A shower is one of the most relaxing forms of cleansing and rejuvenation on the planet. It clears energy, clears your mind, and allows you to be totally present. It is your alone time, your think tank,or as I like to call it, my non think tank. You are alone with yourself. It is you, water, and the present moment. Embrace it. Many inventors and famous entrepreneurs have come up with multimillion dollar idea ...

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Believe in your startup

This is most likely the most valuable #LibertyLesson that I can share with you. I know it's hard and can be lonely but trust me if you know you can accomplish something then go for it! Being an inventor or visionary can be lonely, mainly because people seem to be wired to only believe what they see. When you manifest it and build a product you will be met with a ton of supporters. Think of it as the stock m ...

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Fearless Friday

#Fearless #Friday Do something you are afraid of, something that makes you cringe, something you think you are unworthy of doing. Life offers only two choices. At the core of every choice is simple. The choice of love or fear. Fear says - no, withdraw, scared, selfish, hoard, greed, kill, hate, restrict, confine, division, hurt another, superior. LOVE says- yes, acceptance, expansion, open, share, thankful, ...

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