Social Media Photographer

You are losing money! Social media does the marketing for you! Having a professional cameraperson to capture your events are great but you are losing an opportunity to capital on an untapped marketing. Those attending your event! You are missing key social traction. If you are not organically engaging attendees and helping facilitate an experience that will live online, you are missing an opportunity! The H ...

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Biggest Sales Week for Silicon Valley is AFTER Christmas meet ‘New Device Week’

Many are familiar with Black Friday and now Cyber Monday, but few are taking advantage of NEW DEVICE WEEK. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a cloudy foggy mess of advertising screaming at you to buy their newest shiniest erasable musical toothbrush for your dog. It has become a joke. Yes we get it, there's a massive spike from consumers demanding goods for whatever holiday they celebrate. The result, is th ...

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Talking Tech with Digital Super Nerd @TatWza of Hot97 &

    TECH: "Technology has changed artist behavior and you must acknowledge it" TRANSLATION: Tat Wza is the Super Geek ¬†behind, a destination site for HipHop artist. He and his co founder Funk Master Flex ventured out from NYC to attend their first Silicon Valley music tech event! We welcomed them to SFMusicTech with open arms. Between app launches, API interludes, record breaking ...

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Why I will not be calling Facebook Home

As you know you will have the option to have a Facebook phone, Home. It is slated as an android experience you don't want to miss. But I think you might want to miss this one. Facebook knows enough about me as it is, they are sponsored by the FBI, so I don't need to give them insight on my phone calls. In my option, Do not call Facebook Home at best visit them at at your discretion , but gi ...

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