Believe in your startup

This is most likely the most valuable #LibertyLesson that I can share with you. I know it's hard and can be lonely but trust me if you know you can accomplish something then go for it! Being an inventor or visionary can be lonely, mainly because people seem to be wired to only believe what they see. When you manifest it and build a product you will be met with a ton of supporters. Think of it as the stock m ...

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Silicon Valleys Top PR Maven Marie Domingo lands at CES

CES brings out the best of the best! Meet @mariedomingo One of the best #tech #pr professionals in #SiliconValley She probably reps 75% of the apps on your phone! I ran into her at #ces #vegas at the #monster party. If only she repped humans! I'd snap her up #mariedomingo Marie Domingo does PR for a number of venture backed tech products, hardware, and software companies. Check her out! #LibertyMadison is # ...

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Job Titles you will only find in Silicon Valley

As #ThatTechGirl, I lead a very techfilled life, yes I said techfilled. I come across innovation at an alarming rate and the most disruptive sector is not solar power, transportation, energy, pollution, or medicine, it is the job title. "Job Title Disruption" is as annoying as the word 'disruption'. Both leave you asking the same question "So what do you do?" Here are a few of my favorites. Job titles you w ...

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Are startup founders Democrat or Republican?

How are startup founders democrats? Seems like startup founders would fundamentally lean towards being republicans. Founders and republicans support innovation, smaller government, free market, open market, self starting, thinking for yourself, taking risk, making huge aggressive changes, changing the world, taking things into your own hands and changing them, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, not wait ...

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First They Laugh, Then They Follow

As a millennial, transitional, startup, entrepreneur, or solopreneur you must guide a vision and honor your goal all while remaining agile. New ideas and concepts typically do not resonate with those who lack vision If someone laughs at your dream don't take it personally. If you can't sleep at night because it is in your heart and a part of your soul. Then go forth with it. Ask yourself a few simple questi ...

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