10 Things I Love about NON Vegans

[caption id="attachment_1073" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Liberty Madison offers Vegan Love[/caption] Believe it or not there are actually things I enjoy about NON Vegan people. And this just simply warms my heart! Check this list out! http://www.chooseveg.com/10-things-vegans-love-about-meat-eaters Tweet me a few things you love about Vegans and NON Vegans @libertymadison is #ThatTechGirl The Oprah of ...

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Before We Were

The next time you find yourself being short, rude, prejudice against a group take a moment to realize before we were "groups" we were the same. Before someone told us we were white we were human. Before someone told us to worship a man we were human. Before someone told us to act black we were human. Before someone said marry your own race we were human. Before someone introduced the mystical and abstract e ...

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Trust yourself. You were born with the answer

I often forget to trust myself. I sometimes trust others more than listening to my own intuition and guidance and it falls short. You always know what's best! If you are UN sure then Listen to whatever answer brings your highest joy. The best (right) answer or solution brings life, joy, peace. There are NEVER exceptions to that. When you talk yourself into going against it you are betraying your soul. Its t ...

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Occupy Love Film Screening in SF with Director Velcrow Ripper

Occupy Love: Film Explores The Heart of Occupy Movemen The United States screening tour and global online launch of Velcrow Rippers' most recent film, Occupy Love film comes to San Francisco May 8 Occupy Love Presented by Occupy Love Wednesday, May 08 7:00pm - 8:50pm in San Francisco, CA at AMC Van Ness 14 $10.00 General Love is the center of everything. Love houses creation, family, and peace. At your core ...

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Easter Sunday! Family for ALL

A message to everyone who is not with their family or cant be with their family or simply those who do not have any family. It is nice to have loved ones,you experience a love like no other,it is the only purpose of life. But don't forget that Family is not defined by blood. Many times you will find that your blood family can hurt you more than any stranger on the street. Family is defined by commitment, lo ...

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