Win a Date with Me on the Nerdist Day of The Century

Tweet me your nerdiest pickup line, comment, or joke! Pi Day comes around every year on 3.14 but this is THE Pi Day of the Century! You will only live to see this once!! This is it!! How will you Pi? You can win a date with me! Well a phone date!! I will call you personally and wish you a Happy Pi Day on 3.14 March 14,Sat! Tweet me your nerdiest comment, pickup line, math equation, or picture. You may win a ...

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10 Things I Love about NON Vegans

[caption id="attachment_1073" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Liberty Madison offers Vegan Love[/caption] Believe it or not there are actually things I enjoy about NON Vegan people. And this just simply warms my heart! Check this list out! Tweet me a few things you love about Vegans and NON Vegans @libertymadison is #ThatTechGirl The Oprah of ...

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Join me for 14 Juice Cleanse

Join me #May28 for a 14 day #juicecleanse. We are cleaning, clearing our bodies, energy, soul + welcoming new life! Why May 28? Its the #newmoon a perfect time to clear out negative energy and usher in new abundance! Join my facebook group. We have folks from all over the world supporting each other! I really need the support because the longest I have ever done a juice cleanse is 9 days! What we will do - ...

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Is Twitter heading to the White House?

  San Francisco based tech giant,Twitter, has registered to lobby on Capitol Hill and will form a political action committee, dubbed Twitter#PAC. The #PAC will basically lobby to bring the government up to speed with the rest of the world. Their topics include Internet freedom, patent reform, government access to user data and net neutrality. Others who are already out front are Facebook, Google and Mi ...

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Blackberry and #ThatTechGirl San Francisco Tour

#ThatTechGirl caught up w @blackberry for the #keepitmovingtour in #sf #blackberry10. I only had a few moment with the device because I kept talking w staff but one thing I love is feeling like a #tech #ninja! Instead of #swipe you #flick your words! Very cool ...not going to say its going to save the company but it could pick up a few new clients! Once I spend more time with the #z10 ill update you and rev ...

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