A #LibertyLesson – State your mission and attract those who support it

A #LibertyLesson When you build a brand you have to commit to your mission statement, vision, and purpose. Every company, non profit, organization, person is driven by a mission. A common falsehood is "its business it not personal" or "we are a corporation we do not take a side" Know who you are and attract people who support it. You will loose people but you will gain a tribe. For example, I will not ventu ...

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Top 10 TECH companies of 2016

So you are probably like the 5 billion people thinking you need to jump start a career in tech next year? You have heard the stories that make software engineer look like yesterdays Puff Daddy. Just making it rain with all the cash that is thrown at them. Well you are absolutely right. You too should be choosing a career in technology. It only makes sense everything is digital and with 5 Billion more people ...

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Join me for 14 Juice Cleanse

Join me #May28 for a 14 day #juicecleanse. We are cleaning, clearing our bodies, energy, soul + welcoming new life! Why May 28? Its the #newmoon a perfect time to clear out negative energy and usher in new abundance! Join my facebook group. We have folks from all over the world supporting each other! I really need the support because the longest I have ever done a juice cleanse is 9 days! What we will do - ...

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Who and Why is Liberty Madison

A natural who was born to connect with millions. TV Host, Tech Founder, Advisor,Futurist, TV & Film Producer Technology Host, Speaker, Lecturer. Start Up advisor. Founder of Life with Technology Show, first tech show for non techies that focuses on mobile technology, start ups, and science. Founder of Codes & Cupakes, coding hackathon event for women and girls to encourage coding and programming for ...

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