Job Titles you will only find in Silicon Valley

As #ThatTechGirl, I lead a very techfilled life, yes I said techfilled. I come across innovation at an alarming rate and the most disruptive sector is not solar power, transportation, energy, pollution, or medicine, it is the job title. "Job Title Disruption" is as annoying as the word 'disruption'. Both leave you asking the same question "So what do you do?" Here are a few of my favorites. Job titles you w ...

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5 Growth Hacking Job Tips for #Millennials

Growth Hacking Job Tips from #ThatTechGirl Liberty Madison As, #ThatTechGirl, I have been to enough startup events, conferences, meetups, hackathons, and dev boot camps, to know one thing- Always present yourself in the most desirable light as possible,in every area of your life. Funding a startup is 90% presenting an image of confidence and the "I'm moving forward without you,if you want on board hurry up" ...

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10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job

10 reasons you should never get a job, I can think of more but the list of 10 will do for now. Our culture has been condition to be workers. You go to school and train to be a small piece of a larger pie and never share in the overall reward. That's acceptable and normal. That is not ok. I have never dreamed of a job. I have never seriously sought out a job. I have always created my own opportunities. After ...

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What would you do if you did not need a job anymore?

Today is Monday. Most people are going to work. Work meaning trading hours of  life for paper with a written value printed on it. I have a question for you. If you did not need paper with a printed value and your needs were met , such as food, clothing, shelter, all of that good stuff; what would you do? Would you change jobs? Would you get a career? Would you change careers? Would you live your passion? Wh ...

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