Giving up is an option!

A #startuplife #LibertyLesson As an #entrepreneur you will experience many days like this!! Confused, frustrated, and contemplating giving up. I am here to tell you. DO IT!! GIVE UP!! Give up! Get your resume out and go back the office job you hate. Go to the meetings you loathe and let your soul die slowly. Why not. It's been done before. The path has been paved. You are on your way!!! So give up in style! ...

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Inspiring on Instagram?

Hi There! I am writing a book that shows the importance of not just social media but the direct affects of Instagram. I am on a hunt to find inspiring Instagram stories about interesting, inspiring people who are based on Instagram. When I say "Instagram based" I am referring to those who found their voice, niche, fame, fortune, and/or audience on the Instagram platform. If you have turned a hobby into a bu ...

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Love my Instagram Followers!

Something about eleven eleven just makes me smile! Y'all know how much I love #instagram! Thank you so much! Do you have any interesting instagram stories?? #LibertyMadison #ThatTechGirl is the #oprah of #SiliconValley and the #rachelray of #TheBay Let's talk #tech #bootstrap #biotech #fintech #dutchtech #dentech #adtech #hardware #software #uxui #code #javascript #rubyonrails #hackathon #socialgood #social ...

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Litterati – A Litter Free World with Perks

I first learned about Litterati while co hosting SFNewTech. They were one of the presenters. I thought to myself "Cool another water style campaign or  a Toms Shoes". Its a bit more. More active,more social, and more responsibility. Jeff Kirschner, founder of Litterati, had a simple idea; lets clean up the Bay Area and lets involve social media. The idea spread worldwide I love it! But since I am who I am I ...

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