#ThatTechGirl on new Titanium Glass Frames

New Titanium frames from @googleglass! The creativity is amazing we are officially in the #fashiontech #wearabletech space! Welcome to #planetGoogle! So if you were prescription steward Google has you covered! Love the idea, love the look but I like the current look I feel like in the hit #scifi series #continuum! And I love it! #futurist! But this does look #nondescript! New #googleglass updates slated for ...

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Extra Extra BLINK All About It!

The new #GoogleGlass update is truly having me question my life! I used to feel sorry for those with no water, food, or shelter, but today I just feel bad for those who cant take  photos with a wink! Yes you heard me I said WINK! Google, of Silicon Valley, just hit me harder than the Beyonce secret album! They introduced an update for the GODS! Unexpected and readily accepted! And I bow down! So the update ...

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Join me and + Actor Barry Floyd of the Hit TV series The Game as I talk all things #GoogleGlass

Join me + Actor @Barry_Floyd of the hit TV series #thegame for a casual chat about #googleglass #technology. If you have ever wanted to chat w a #castmember of #betsthegame this is your chance. We are switching it up! He is interviewing me! I talk all things privacy,  technology,  development, and the future! Now if your chance to hangout with #ThatTechGirl and your favorite actor of The Game fame! #poochha ...

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My Glass and I crashed Thanksgiving

A #GoogleGlass Thanksgiving- Would you believe I have not known anyone in this picture 24 hours! I was invited to complete strangers home so I could do live demonstrations of Google Glass! And of course I went! This is a true #googleglass moment! Thanks to #glass I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner from a couple I met on the street at #traderjoes . "Please come to our Thanksgiving, you don't need to bring ...

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