I love my Estranged Friend

A spoken word for the estranged friend I love: Just because we no longer speak does not mean I hate you or think any less of you. It simply means we no longer speak. It does not mean our time together is undervalued or overshadowed by what drove us a part. It simply means we no longer speak. Just because I do not call you when someone lights up my day does not mean I wish ill on you. Just because you are no ...

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Before We Were

The next time you find yourself being short, rude, prejudice against a group take a moment to realize before we were "groups" we were the same. Before someone told us we were white we were human. Before someone told us to worship a man we were human. Before someone told us to act black we were human. Before someone said marry your own race we were human. Before someone introduced the mystical and abstract e ...

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June 28: Why I am a Californian. Ode to a Grandmother who saved my life

June 28, 1919 Today is my grandmothers birthday, well my great grandmother. My grandmother died before I came around these parts. The details of her death haunt me to this day. Today, June 28, I have always remembered because my great grandmother loved to go to Sizzler on her Birthday! She is the reason I am a Californian. She moved from Louisiana to Arkansas (where her parents were slaves/sharecroppers), a ...

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Easter Sunday! Family for ALL

A message to everyone who is not with their family or cant be with their family or simply those who do not have any family. It is nice to have loved ones,you experience a love like no other,it is the only purpose of life. But don't forget that Family is not defined by blood. Many times you will find that your blood family can hurt you more than any stranger on the street. Family is defined by commitment, lo ...

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Final Day of 40 Days For Life

40 Days For Life is a worldwide movement that values Life. Plain and simple; any other words are just confusing details open to limited interpretation. The value of life is not open to conversation or debate. It simply is! 40 Days For Life is ....you got it! 40 Days of dedicated grassroots call -to - action strategy that protects life. February 13 - March 24 you can find people in meditation, prayer, action ...

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