#ThatTechGirl at CES

CES and #ThatTechGirl Liberty Madison Olympics of Tech!! is the biggest electronic show on the planet show on the planet! Products roll out, debut, spark, and shine, Planning to attend CES? Check out the How to Survive CES: A beginners guide to CES I provide a first timers guide to the worlds largest tech event known as CES, which I refer to as the Olympics of Tech!! Get your free E-Book and learn what they ...

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Social Media Photographer

You are losing money! Social media does the marketing for you! Having a professional cameraperson to capture your events are great but you are losing an opportunity to capital on an untapped marketing. Those attending your event! You are missing key social traction. If you are not organically engaging attendees and helping facilitate an experience that will live online, you are missing an opportunity! The H ...

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CrowdCon is drawing a crowd once again!

  Get ready for CrowdCon! The new way to make your start up STAND UP! Ever thought about taking your idea to Kick Starter or Indie Go Go? At CrowdCon you can learn the do's and don'ts in crowd funding CrowdCon is October 23 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco Speakers from Twitter, Tech Crunch, CrowdFlower, Kaggle, IndieGoGo, Stanford,Microsoft, and Ebay will dazzle you with their tech fo ...

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