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About Liberty:

Liberty Madison is known worldwide as #ThatTechGirl, a celebrity tech entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, digital content and social media expert who focuses on technology for millennials! She is #ThatTechGirl!
Her platform is “Entrepreneurship through Technology”

“Do not talk to her longer than 5 minutes she will have you enrolled in a code camp and launching your own startup,she is very passionate about millennials choosing themselves through technology”

You can find her on TwitTv, Anita Borg, HuffingtonPost, SFNewTech, Oakland Veg, Instagram, Twitter, FacebookLive and FOX Network as #ThatTechGirl!

Want the energy and engagement of pop culture but content of technology? That’s her! Liberty has interviewed many artist such as Funk Flex, Rhye, Flight Facilities, and tech giants such as Tim Draper, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins here is Silicon Valley. It has earned me the title of the “Oprah of Silicon Valley” by billionaire venture capital Tim Draper.

How to work with @LibertyMadison #ThatTechGirl

Liberty has a core engaged audience of tastemakers, celebrities, social media creators, industry leaders, geeks, nerds, founders, innovators, which makes her a unicorn! She has cultivated the coveted technical millennial. The entrepreneurial business minded millennial who actively engages on social media and has the disposable income to test trusted products and services.

Her motivation talks regarding “Entrepreneurship through technology” has sparked rave reviews from top female CEO’s!

Libertys’ goal is to increase awareness leveraging media and digital content for advancement of technical skills for women and underrepresented groups. She uses technology and social media to grab attention, engage, and convert the masses to a technical lifestyle! The is the #startuplife!
She helps brands realize that over 53% of the collective population are on their mobile phones and brands should be there building relationships and interacting in a unique way through digital content.

Is she is an influencer or entrepreneur.
She is an entrepreneur with INFLUENCE!

Liberty is extremely passionate and energetic about her love for entrepreneurship. And it shows! She launched #pythonear code, a lifestyle statement hardware piece to encourage women to chose a technical career. Her grass roots initiative resulted in over 400 CS enrollments. Ladies actually converting from “I do not know what that is” I could never be a developer” I was thinking of a english literature degree to
“I just enrolled in a boot camp”
“I had no idea apps were made like that, I could do that”
“I actually feel like I could do this after seeing someone who looks like you telling me I could do this, I want to try this”

“I am 1st and foremost a fan of entrepreneurship and technology is the best way to expedite the process. You can have an idea at noon and be selling and testing your product online by 5pm The age we live in is an amazing time!”

Target audience Millennials age 13-35

#ThatTechGirl Rate sheet

Digital Influence Experience via @SocialMedia

Social Media- Millennial reach
Live Tweet your event on your social channel
$2500 Full event live tweet on your social channel
$3500 Full event live tweet on your channel with

SnapChat TakeOver
$2500 Half day Take Over
$3500 Full Day Takeover

Instagram TakeOver
$2500 Half Day Takeover
$3500 Full Day Takeover

$3500 Facebook Post
$3500 Facebook Live

Instagram Post
$1000 Full week
$4000 Permanent

Twitter Post
$1500 Tweet with your branding (4x at all time zones)

Product Placement
$2500 in video (Instagram/ Snapchat)
$3000 in photo (Instagram/ Snapchat

Public Speaker

(social media included)

Live Event Panel Moderator
$4500 Event panel moderator and host (up to 3 hours)


$3500 60 min workshop or Breakout session
$4500 Half Day Seminar (up to 3 hours)
$7500 Full Day Seminar ( up to 6 hours)

$4000 Full event Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

Keynote Speaker
$12,500 Keynote speaker

Another way to work with Liberty
Work with @LibertyMadison as a founder and consultant …basically the hired gun!

The Startup Entrepreneur work with my startup to learn how to engage millennials through digital content creation, social media, and live events!
That #startuplife is a lifestyle and Tech Millennials live and breathe it! Liberty will help you authentically engage!

Areas of expertise
Social Media Strategy
Digital Content Creation- that shareable ish
Influencer Campaign
Challenge Campaign
Team building events
Developer recruitment and Retention strategy- we don’t need a table and booth let’s do better! When you want top talent you do top talent canoodling

Other opportunities for the brands and pros who want to really grab attention and build life long relationships and slay conversion…this is for you!

Best Sponsorship- Chief Friend and Advocate
The official “My friend told me about it so I tried it”
The tried and true “I heard about it from a friend”
“My friend uses this so I trust him and I like it”
The good ole “i heard about it from a friend”

$77,000 6 months sponsorship of #ThatTechGIrl @LibertyMadison
$129,000 1 year sponsorship of #ThatTechGirl @LibertyMadison

Includes sponsorship and mentions on all TV show appearance, features on parent brand and sub brand website, ALL social platform integration, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blog post, mentions giveaways on national tours and all speaking engagements,books, ebooks, ecourse, speaking tours, original content creation, special appearances organized by your team for your brand, special appearances organized by #ThatTechGirl team and or any all events she is associated with, live tweets, mention and integration in public speaking events and conferences that Liberty appearances in, popup events, integration at keynote speeches, seminars, highschool and university talks and national press release integration for all #ThatTechGirl and @LibertyMadison events! Many celebrities and influencers charge $40,000 – $90,000 for one instagram post or $100,000 for one campaign. We are not looking to flood my audience with brands that they cannot connect with we are applying science to a new method of connecting, engaging, branding, and conversion. “THE FRIEND” We are looking to build a relationship with two core brands. Brands must have a goal of connecting in an the most effective way, the trusted word of mouth influence. The brand must be looking to build a trusted relationship with millennials in the startup world. Only 2 spots available.

*All brands, products are subject to pre approval. #ThatTechGirl has to approve your product before becoming a brand ambassador, spokesperson, influencer, partner or friend.

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