Job Titles you will only find in Silicon Valley

Job Title Silicon Valley Liberty MadisonAs #ThatTechGirl, I lead a very techfilled life, yes I said techfilled.
I come across innovation at an alarming rate and the most disruptive sector is not solar power, transportation, energy, pollution, or medicine, it is the job title.
“Job Title Disruption” is as annoying as the word ‘disruption’. Both leave you asking the same question

“So what do you do?”

Here are a few of my favorites.

Job titles you will only find in Silicon Valley

1. Chief Happiness Officer
2. Chief Evangelist
3. Troublemaker
4. Growth Advocate
5. Chief Happiness Dog
6. Internet Scientist
7. Product Prophet
8. Customer Happiness Scientist
9. No title because we are team
10. Director of First Impressions

and the bravest of them all
10. Founder

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