I love my Estranged Friend

A spoken word for the estranged friend I love:

Just because we no longer speak does not mean I hate you or think any less of you. It simply means we no longer speak. It does not mean our time together is undervalued or overshadowed by what drove us a part. It simply means we no longer speak.
Just because I do not call you when someone lights up my day does not mean I wish ill on you. Just because you are not the first to know my thoughts or experience my pain does not mean anything more than our time has come.

I do not hate you, in fact I love you the most. I do not wish any pain on you, I truly in my heart wish you have the best life you can imagine. I wish only joy for you.

I hope you find peace because losing a life long bond of friendship and family is devastating. We will need peace.

My love for you exceeds this earth!

Insight :

(Feel free to share this link with family member who you truly love but for some reason your communication has broken down. Try to mend misunderstandings and try your best to bridge the gap. If there is any situation that cannot be worked out currently, let them know you love them and wish them well. An excellent comfort to estranged family members. A great comfort to mothers who are not speaking to daughters, daughters who are not speaking to fathers, siblings who are not speaking to parents. Parents who feel abandoned or kids who feel misunderstood. Family is the core of life and if that is not strong,it weakens everything. Please make every effort to unite your family while all members are alive, you will never regret saying ‘I love you or I am sorry’)

My intention for this post is to highlight a major problem and wrap it in love instead of a grudge if its not resolved as of this moment

Love you all

Go forward in peace

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