I am on a Panel called “The Future of Journalism in a Wikipedia World”


I had the opportunity to sit in on a panel entitled
“The Future of Journalism in a Wikipedia World”
hosted by Pete Forsyth in conjunction with Hacks and Hackers Hacks and Hackers in San Francisco. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sit on a panel with such dynamic leaders in reporting and journalism in Silicon Valley.

Andrew Lih, Associate Professor of Journalism, American University; author, The Wikipedia Revolution

Dan Cook, news reporter and editor (BusinessWeek, Knight-Ridder, American Lawyer Media, Newhouse); Associate, Wiki Strategies

Liberty Madison, founder at Digital PlayGround, StartupHouseOakland, Python Ear Code; an idea hacker & adviser, various tech startups.

Pete Forsyth, Wikipedia editor since 2006; founder, Wiki Strategies

We focused on a number of issues surrounding Wikipedia and how much we should rely on it to spread content as well as how much we reply on it to provide us with valid verified information. I was not brought in for my expertise on wiki edits, I personally do not edit wiki, I was the millennial voice on Wikipedia. As you can see in the video below millennials believe Wikipedia like Southerners believe the bible. There is no other truth. Many of us in look at Wiki as the Encyclopedia online instead of a crowd sourced content. Our entire lives we have had information at our fingertips. We you are 8, 12,or 15 and you have access to the internet you use Wiki on a daily basis. You have grown up on it. It is not perceived as a transition, it is a staple.

Wiki has improved its standards on who can edit and when an edit is allows which helps the platform remain unbiased.
The goal is to keep the neutral neutral and just report without insult to a living person. Lets not kill off a guy, change history, or become a cyber bully. What is written on Wikipedia is perceived as factual and perception is everything. Be careful out there!

Do you edit Wikipedia? Do you post your own content to expand your audience?
I would love to know!
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See the outline below:

Wikipedia has many impacts on journalism, and offers lessons and opportunities to those in the profession. In this session — hosted at Nomiku (who will serve mouth-watering appetizers and cocktails, see below) and co-sponsored by Wiki Strategies — we will explore questions like:

• Are journalism values present in Wikipedia’s policies and practices?

• Do amateurs and dabblers act like journalists in their Wikipedia work? Should they?

• Does Wikipedia threaten business models in journalism, or offer new business opportunities?

This participatory panel discussion will explore these questions and more.
Thank you Pete for moderating and producing this event!

To watch the full chat:

Thank you to the Y Combinator-backed Nomiku for hosting the event. Nomiku is the first home sous vide immersion circulator and has brought high-tech manufacturing back to the bay area. Their team is made of fine dining experts, engineers, and a plasma physicist.

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