High Tech Golf and Drinks for Lunch?

At Eagle Driving range in Silicon Valley

At Eagle Driving range in Silicon Valley

Did you know that SoMa has an indoor driving range?
Our very own high tech driving range.
Yea neither did I!

I decided to stop by and check it out!

Have to say Eagle Club Indoor Golf is pretty freaking sweet!

I walked in unsure of what to expect and was greeted with the friendliest smile and warmest energy ever. Peter, who just moved back to the bay after being gone for 8 years, gave me a one on one tour of the facility while explaining the high tech simulations and data analytics of the stroke.

So it turns out that the StartUp mecca of the world, also known as SOMA, has an indoor driving range that host private parties and serves alcohol until 9 pm Monday through Friday. How did we miss this little gem.
It is so very Bay Area to take a break from work and walk over to the high tech driving range.

Whether you are an avid golfer, new to golf, don’t care about golf but care about a place open late that serves drinks, just want to go and be nosy, you thought golf was football, you own a Playstation, you are a tourist, you have seen a Nintendo Wii, you want to chill on your lunch, your cousin told you about it, or to host a meetup or team building event.
This is a perfect Tech spot for the #Startuplife!

If you discover you have a passion for golf beyond the occasional visit you can get tips from PGA tour pros like Rob Boldt and Courtney Burdick.

But let not aim to perfect your new found golf skills it may create a desire to go off and join the tour!
We still need you to create golf apps for those who can’t get to SOMA.

#ThatTechGirl tries High Tech Golf

#ThatTechGirl tries High Tech Golf

Eagle Club Indoor Golf is #ThatTechGirlApproved

Tell them #LibertyMadison #ThatTechGirl sent you!


I suggest you check it out
Currently happiness cost around $20 for the hour!

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