GlimEye: The Next Generation In Wearable Technology

GlimEye: The Next Generation In Wearable Technology

Hack A Film In A Day. Digital Content Hackathon.

Film and video are no longer left in the hands of traditional filmmakers.

Produced by Liberty Madison
Story by Erik
Filmed by Matthew Chung
Edited by Matthew Chung
Directed by Dirk Stocton

FilmGlimEye Voice Over - Marquis Williams
GlimEye wearer - Bretton Raymond
GlimEye Founder - Erik
GlimEye Co Founder - Liberty Madison
Cat Girl on date - ChenRu Zheng
Job Recruiter - Terry Lee
GlimEye Designer - Terry Lee
Testimonial 1 - Terry Lee
Testimonial 2 - Matthew Chung

Location: Hackerspace Sudoroom in downtown Oakland CA
Restaurant: Loring Cafe in Downtown Oakland CA

Special Thanks
BayArea Public School
City of Oakland
Timon of Sudoroom
Jenny of Cryptoparty
Wit Intelligent Designs
Sunshine on that particular day

#BartStrike (many people could not make it)

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