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The new #GoogleGlass update is truly having me question my life!

I used to feel sorry for those with no water, food, or shelter, but today I just feel bad for those who cant take  photos with a wink! Yes you heard me I said WINK!
Google, of Silicon Valley, just hit me harder than the Beyonce secret album! They introduced an update for the GODS! Unexpected and readily accepted!
And I bow down!
So the update says “Hey would you like to star in your own Sfi-series and wink photos, watch holograms, do some in air hang outs and oh by the way since we like you we are letting your long lost cousin use our platform too and give you more space to send that tweet ABOUT your Google Glass”

My reply : Why yes,yes I would

The details
Notably the best Glass update EVER!!
- Take photos with just a Wink!
- iOS compatibility
- Google Glass lock screen (every explorer knows how important this is)
- Hangouts
- Direct YouTube uploads!
- They removed the classic signature “Through Glass” at the end of your tweets

#ThatTechGirl talks Google Glass xe12

#ThatTechGirl talks Google Glass xe12

Beyonce , Miley Cyrus, and whoever else thought they could take over 2013 with their secret social media albums and tongue tactics had another thing coming!  They were wrong.  The world belong to GOOGLE!
GoogleGlass is #ThatTechGirl Approved

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