Does Diversity in Tech apply to Investors?

I have noticed diversity in tech founders, workers, developers, coders, marketing, gender, and yet no change in investors.

Well slight change, they have gotten better looking. A-Grade Investments is living proof.
Ashton Kutcher is an excellent example of what it means to go from rich to wealthy. He turned his entertainment dollar into tech dollars. Ashton like myself is a techie however he acted early with Skype, Square, Chegg, airbnb, and a host of others. Now that’s a good look!
Why must most investors look like Ashton? What stops non Ashton clones from investing in tech startups?
Tech is unlike any other field. WE ALL USE IT.
I cannot understand why investors are not as diverse as workers who make it possible.

I would love to see the average Joe from some town invest 500 or 2,500 in a seed fund startup rather than an xbox and a MacBook Pro.
If the start up does well you just got in early on the next uber!
Let’s turn 500 into 5,000!
Let’s turn 5,000 into 50,000!
Let’s turn 50,000 into 500,000!
Let’s turn 500,0000 into 5,000,000!

Looking to invest in a tech company in Silicon Valley message me!
I know many average people are not accustom to investing in tech companies, but then again many people are not experiencing the Silicon Valley returns! New to tech? Want to invest? Early stage? Angel investors new to tech, lets TALK!
People of color highly encouraged to apply!
School Teachers, city workers, dentist , actors, doctors, strongly encouraged to apply.

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