Did you have a “Moment of Einstein Genius” on Twitter or Facebook?

I, like so many other people, write New York Time Best sellers in my Twitter feed however I simply do it 140 characters at a time!

There may be a quote that came to me out of thin air or a quote that I retweeted that really hit home that I desperately wish to relive, and now I can.

I came across a really cool tool called www.socialsearching.info . It does not recreate the planet, but it certainly makes reviving old tweets pleasant.

I am sure you are asking yourself “Why do I need this when I can scroll through my post and tweets and find what Im looking for?” Sure you could if you wanted to spend time sifting through a maze of good and bad memories. Use this tool in order to find the one single tweet or post you desire! The ux is friendly, attractive, and non invasive. You have now been set free to roam about your tweets! Enjoy!

Here’s a list of similar services :

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  2. SnapBird
  3. The Archivist
  4. TweetBoard
  5. All My Tweets
  6. Google Tweet Search with date option
  7. TweetScan
  8. BackTweets
  9. Twitter Advanced Search
  10. Social Searching

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