Change your priorities and you will INSTANTLY know success


I have come to notice that most people struggling and striving to obtain money are often those who have never had money or anything because if they did they would know they are in the wrong line.

My favorite quote is “money is often a conversation of the poor.”
Real wealth doesn’t discuss it because its a given. It simply flows in abundance. You never truly see people sitting around discussing how much air to breath. It just is.

Expect to have enough air because there is enough air.
Expect to have enough money because there is enough money

Wealthy people discuss movements, paradigm shifts, innovation, love, family, experiences, and rarely belongings.

Those that do are not wealthly they are simply rich. A poor person who encountered green paper.

Shift your focus. Your current focus honestly isn’t even your own.

Get in the line of #love #peace #joy #laughter #family and connection

A #LibertyLesson from Liberty Madison

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