What would you do if you did not need a job anymore?

Today is Monday. Most people are going to work. Work meaning trading hours of  life for paper with a written value printed on it. I have a question for you. If you did not need paper with a printed value and your needs were met , such as food, clothing, shelter, all of that good stuff; what would you do? Would you change jobs? Would you get a career? Would you change careers? Would you live your passion? Wh ...

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#ThatTechGirl’s Bart Strike Survival Guide in Silicon Valley

[caption id="attachment_391" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Spot #ThatTechGirl on Bart around San Francisco[/caption] All of my friends and followers know I absolutely LOVE BART and I am deeply sadden that they couldn't avoid a strike. I have appeared on air supporting BART riders with the Chairman of the board, I actually have an instagram game where bay area riders can spot me and be featured on my acco ...

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Trader Joe’s Meatless Chickenless Morsels – What the WHAT!

[caption id="attachment_371" align="aligncenter" width="300"] LibertyMadison.com Trader Joe's[/caption] Trader Joe's is a healthy food store that most people absolutely adore. They are unlike their competitor Whole Foods, better known as "Whole Paycheck". They offer EXCELLENT healthy products, friendly atmosphere, service with a smile at a economical rate. You can't beat it! http://youtu.be/48uPQOylFKc Prod ...

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Easter Sunday! Family for ALL

A message to everyone who is not with their family or cant be with their family or simply those who do not have any family. It is nice to have loved ones,you experience a love like no other,it is the only purpose of life. But don't forget that Family is not defined by blood. Many times you will find that your blood family can hurt you more than any stranger on the street. Family is defined by commitment, lo ...

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Technology of my Skin Care is Sun Protection

  [caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Face and skin secrets[/caption] This post is not about a start up, coding, funding or disruption .....its actually about makeup! I recently posted a picture of me attempting to do my own eye make up and was flooded with comments about my skin, so I thought I would post my response for everyone to see. Makeup is fun, key, and a must for mos ...

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Did you have a “Moment of Einstein Genius” on Twitter or Facebook?

I, like so many other people, write New York Time Best sellers in my Twitter feed however I simply do it 140 characters at a time! There may be a quote that came to me out of thin air or a quote that I retweeted that really hit home that I desperately wish to relive, and now I can. I came across a really cool tool called www.socialsearching.info . It does not recreate the planet, but it certainly makes revi ...

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