Giving up is an option!

A #startuplife #LibertyLesson As an #entrepreneur you will experience many days like this!! Confused, frustrated, and contemplating giving up. I am here to tell you. DO IT!! GIVE UP!! Give up! Get your resume out and go back the office job you hate. Go to the meetings you loathe and let your soul die slowly. Why not. It's been done before. The path has been paved. You are on your way!!! So give up in style! ...

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Tech Word of The Day

#TechTuesday with #ThatTechGirl #WordoftheDay is #Algorithm When said engineer wants you to stop asking questions. Used in a sentence "It's a proprietary algorithm" #urbandictionary means "Stop asking me for my secret sauce can't you see I'm trying to raise money and look super smart"! When you hear this term, stop asking 😆😂:)☺😆 #ThatTechGirl is #LibertyMadison #Oprah of #SiliconVall ...

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A #LibertyLesson – State your mission and attract those who support it

A #LibertyLesson When you build a brand you have to commit to your mission statement, vision, and purpose. Every company, non profit, organization, person is driven by a mission. A common falsehood is "its business it not personal" or "we are a corporation we do not take a side" Know who you are and attract people who support it. You will loose people but you will gain a tribe. For example, I will not ventu ...

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Liberty Madison #ThatTechGirl on Living your best life

Hi! I'm @LibertyMadison #ThatTechGirl. My passion for #Entrepreneurship extends far beyond my excitement for #technology. I encourage you to be an #entrepreneur first and foremost, you need not be a #techie. But #technology and #entrepreneurship go hand and hand. You can create a solution to a major problem using innovative #technology. And THAT #technical solution breeds #entrepreneurship. I want to invite ...

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A #LibertyLesson – Go forth and be Fantastic

You can be whatever you want literally. If you feel you want to be a man you can legally become one, if you want to be a woman you can make people call you that. That's changing biology and the law of nature. So why not change your level of happiness, change your economic class and tax bracket. You can seriously do whatever makes you happy and people have to accept it, this is the time to walk in your truth ...

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A #LibertyLesson: Just DO IT

A ‪#‎LibertyLesson‬ When I see people pass on opportunities, it makes me think of the amazing opportunities I have missed. Then I realize we are all at different stages of "Being Ready" for the next level. It all comes down to one thing and one thing only, you would think it would be skill, money, or time? It is none of those things it is about belief and confidence. If you do not think you can do it or are ...

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