June 28: Why I am a Californian. Ode to a Grandmother who saved my life

June 28, 1919 Today is my grandmothers birthday, well my great grandmother. My grandmother died before I came around these parts. The details of her death haunt me to this day. Today, June 28, I have always remembered because my great grandmother loved to go to Sizzler on her Birthday! She is the reason I am a Californian. She moved from Louisiana to Arkansas (where her parents were slaves/sharecroppers), a ...

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Top 10 Reasons NOT to Commit Suicide

With so much going on about bullying, internet attacks, and suicide at ALL AGES I felt I had to give you a few reason why you should NOT kill yourself (or others)   Reasons NOT to kill yourself   1. It's just not cool   2. Your suicide note hasn't been perfected. A note is something people left in EVERY century prior to this one. In the technology enlightenment era, you can no longer leave a ...

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