Sprint wants your Soul! Introduces Unlimited EVERYTHING for Life!

[caption id="attachment_406" align="aligncenter" width="297"] Sprint wants your soul[/caption] It’s been a busy week for the folks over at Sprint. Not only did the carrier rebrand itself as the Sprint Corporation, and complete its buyout deal with SoftBank, but today it announced two new rate plans that include unlimited talk, text and data. While the unlimited data itself is notable—few carriers still offe ...

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Is it hard being an Android in Silicon Valley?

Many look at me as if I work for NASA. In complete awe and amazement. They look down at my hand as if to say "What is that?" Where do you get that? And is that made on earth? Being in the tech hub of the world people expect you to have Apple, and why shouldn't they....the international Global headquarters is down the street. However I am making a bold statement and I back Samsung. Which I am not going to li ...

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