Day Four

#LibertyPresentsaJuiceCleanse getting geared up for day 4 in 10 minutes! The #juicecleanse has been surprising easier than you might think. Im learning a lot. I am planning to do a #rawvegan once done. Although I am #vegan. I do not focus on health eating. I simply focus on compassionate food. All vegan food isn't healthy or low calorie. Like everything its all in how you prepare it. You can sit and eat oni ...

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Day One of Juice Cleanse

Day One Bathroom visit number 17, paying a local Starbucks to use their restroom, jumping in San Francisco gridlock traffic to bang on doors to use the restroom. Yes that all happened on Day One of this cleanse. Yes. I found myself in this situation often throughout the day. I needed to pee! And I needed to do it OFTEN. I found myself stuck in traffic while my producer was driving and needing to despratley ...

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