Who and Why is Liberty Madison

A natural who was born to connect with millions. TV Host, Tech Founder, Advisor,Futurist, TV & Film Producer Technology Host, Speaker, Lecturer. Start Up advisor. Founder of Life with Technology Show, first tech show for non techies that focuses on mobile technology, start ups, and science. Founder of Codes & Cupakes, coding hackathon event for women and girls to encourage coding and programming for ...

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson citizen of the Cosmos

The First President of the World First person to bring peace to all nationals First person to understand they we as humans do not have all the answers First person to make science and technology look like the true art it is First person to understand that debating does not solve problems First person to understand our view is not our answer First person to realize science and spirituality are speaking the s ...

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Living in the moment

"If the past or the future existed some scientist would have discovered it by now" Eckhart Tolle. You cannot live in the past or the future, they do not exist . The only moment you have is this one. You spent your entire adolescent being programmed to look in the future or work through the past but no one ever tells you how to actually live your REAL life. Real life as in the one you are in right now. Its a ...

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CrowdCon is drawing a crowd once again!

  Get ready for CrowdCon! The new way to make your start up STAND UP! Ever thought about taking your idea to Kick Starter or Indie Go Go? At CrowdCon you can learn the do's and don'ts in crowd funding CrowdCon is October 23 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco Speakers from Twitter, Tech Crunch, CrowdFlower, Kaggle, IndieGoGo, Stanford,Microsoft, and Ebay will dazzle you with their tech fo ...

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Jason Mraz live in Concert


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Is it hard being an Android in Silicon Valley?

Many look at me as if I work for NASA. In complete awe and amazement. They look down at my hand as if to say "What is that?" Where do you get that? And is that made on earth? Being in the tech hub of the world people expect you to have Apple, and why shouldn't they....the international Global headquarters is down the street. However I am making a bold statement and I back Samsung. Which I am not going to li ...

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