Super Bowl: A must read if you are from TEXAS or like the COWBOYS

A must read if you are a Texan or like the Dallas Cowboys

At a private SuperBowl NFL Runway show overlooking the bay on Pier 27 in San Francisco

Me: (Walks up to a group of 4 very large men talking)
Me: (Taps Michael Irvin on elbow)
Me: (Gains his attention)
Me: (To the group ) Excuse me gentlemen

Me: Hi, I’m Liberty. Liberty Madison. I am a Texan. It is a honor to have you here at Super Bowl Silicon Valley. I remember. I remember everything you did for Dallas. And on behalf of the City of Dallas, I would like to thank you for our SuperBowls and for all of your hard work. Thank you.

Him: (shocked face)

Me: Might I trouble you for a photo.

Him: You are gorgeous. And intelligent. I’d love to get a picture with you. Let’s actually get my agent to take it.
(He motions for me to follow him and leads me over to his table area with his agent and friends)

Him: (to agent) This is Liberty Madison
Take some photos of us together. (Photos taken)

Him: (to me) Do you like those did you get what you need?

Me: No, they are blurry

Him: Don’t worry we will take it until we get it right.

Me: Let’s get a selfie for the gram while your agent gets it together. ………

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