A #LibertyLesson: Just DO IT

A ‪#‎LibertyLesson‬
When I see people pass on opportunities, it makes me think of the amazing opportunities I have missed.
Then I realize we are all at different stages of “Being Ready” for the next level.
It all comes down to one thing and one thing only, you would think it would be skill, money, or time? It is none of those things it is about belief and confidence. If you do not think you can do it or are worth it, smart enough, fit enough, then you won’t. do it.
Everything starts as a thought, the physical action is a be product of your beliefs. You earn 5k a year because that’s what you think you can earn. You earn 50k because you think you can earn 50k and that’s what you are accustomed to doing.
You earn 500k because you know you can earn 500k a year, you earn 5,000,000 a year because zeros don’t effing scare you!
A #LibertyLesson

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