5th Annual Anjou’s Extraordinary Ladies Luncheon

5th Annual Anjou’s Extraordinary Ladies Luncheon

5th annual Anjou's Extraordinary Ladies Luncheon

Anjou Ahlborn Kay, principal at FusionStorm, held The 5th Annual Extraordinary Ladies Luncheon in San Francisco at LUMNIA on March 5, 2017. The invite only lunch brings together Powerful Women of Silicon Valley.
Anjou is also founder of Hack Cancer as well as Mr|Ms. Silicon Valley.
When she is not hosting one of her many events that brings the people of Silicon Valley together Mrs.Kay serves as the North American Ambassador for WED (Women’s Entrepreneurship Day) at the United Nations. She sits on the Women’s Board for SFMOMA and LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) Nominations Board. She also owns Bamboo Asia Restaurant, a unique concept experience where Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisine meet near Market Street.

Let’s get into it shall we!

It was my first time attending this event and it was such a dynamic experience! I was inspired by a room full of successful women who did not start the conversation with “What Do You Do”!
Oh wow! I am grateful for that one!

I seriously loathe that question. It’s not because I don’t “do” anything, like most people in Silicon Valley we all do a lot, it is because it is uncreative and lacks true interest in the other party. I advise people to NEVER ever start any conversation with “What Do You Do” phrase.

Ok let’s get back to the good stuff!

Anjou kicked off her event with a ice breaker that sparked conversation, chatter, and excitement!
She held up a name tag and pen and yelled “Ladies write your name and one thing you are passionate about or something you are just excited about right now, It does not have to be work related, it can be anything”.

OH and the fun began!!

I met a woman who was excited about puppies, I myself was excited about Instagram, so we begin exchanging instagram accounts about puppies! I later found out she manages startup founders wealth of tens of tens of millions of dollars in private funds! Yes she does wealth management but she also loves puppies. I say this is proof you can have it all, if you ask me!

This ice breaker was Gold! I learned so much about each and every attendee!

We then went on to claim our seats at a beautifully decorated table. We enjoyed a buffet style indian meal as every woman addressed the room regarding her current excitement.

The indian food was amazing!! Vegetarian/vegan gold!!

So who was in the room?

The room was filled with senior engineers, executives, Google, NASA, founders, wealth managers, artist, and developers. One theme rang true throughout this entire lunch. Everyone spoke about there excitement for love, fitness, following their passion and building a well rounded balanced life! I LOVED it!!
Why did I love it? Well I am typically sitting through boring conversation. You know the “This is what I do, this is how important I am, look at me because I am so dope I bet you can’t handle my life” meeting. This is the total opposite. I see why Anjou is so beloved by her friends. Her friends reflect her on so many levels. Each and every woman attended with one goal in mind, to meet friends and truly connect. It was not “job title meets job title” it was simply human meets human.

My style!

Well then it was my turn to take the floor and something came over me… I went full on Ted Talk!
Anjou Kay Luncheon

I started by saying” I could talk to you about original digital content, but I’m not. I could talk to you about my passion for millennial entrepreneurs but I won’t. I could even talk about how I help brands leverage social media to expand and explode their brand
but I would rather talk to you about how I took a year off to change my life by leveraging technology!

I introduced the room to #ThatChallenge Girl.
IMG_20161227_191522_563 (1)

I wanted to connect with my new friends on a level we are all passionate about: Accomplishing goals, gaining confidence, achieving new levels of fitness, and mastering self awareness. I just celebrated my one year anniversary of #ThatChallenge girl, on March 1 and I am excited, so I had to share it!!

My first TedTalk!

Anjou is an dynamic woman who brought an amazing group of women together to discuss their goals, passions, and how we can work together to support each other…








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Excited I had the chance to speak in front of over 50 power women in business and technology and share my journey of @ThatChallengeGirl , self awareness, growth, and finding love❤
Living your passion, purpose, and being in position is POWER.
I spoke on 7 of my challenges I accomplished! Then focused on #DataScience and #DataMining
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