Giving up is an option!

A #startuplife #LibertyLesson As an #entrepreneur you will experience many days like this!! Confused, frustrated, and contemplating giving up. I am here to tell you. DO IT!! GIVE UP!! Give up! Get your resume out and go back the office job you hate. Go to the meetings you loathe and let your soul die slowly. Why not. It's been done before. The path has been paved. You are on your way!!! So give up in style! ...

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Super Bowl: A must read if you are from TEXAS or like the COWBOYS

A must read if you are a Texan or like the Dallas Cowboys At a private SuperBowl NFL Runway show overlooking the bay on Pier 27 in San Francisco Me: (Walks up to a group of 4 very large men talking) Me: (Taps Michael Irvin on elbow) Me: (Gains his attention) Me: (To the group ) Excuse me gentlemen Me: Hi, I'm Liberty. Liberty Madison. I am a Texan. It is a honor to have you here at Super Bowl Silicon Valley ...

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