The Holocaust never happened

When I was a little kid I admit I did not believe in the holocaust. I was a stone cold Holocaust denier. My mind could not process that "good people" would sit around and let someone kill a generation of people and not do anything about it. It was too recent and too current. I told myself that if it was 300 or 500 years ago maybe it could be true but in this day and age no way. It seemed insane. It had to b ...

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A #LibertyLesson – Go forth and be Fantastic

You can be whatever you want literally. If you feel you want to be a man you can legally become one, if you want to be a woman you can make people call you that. That's changing biology and the law of nature. So why not change your level of happiness, change your economic class and tax bracket. You can seriously do whatever makes you happy and people have to accept it, this is the time to walk in your truth ...

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